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The Lost Magic series follows Alice Tomkins, a sheltered magic user thrown violently into a world she had no idea existed. The world isn't all bad, however - along the way she meets Riley Nichols, a fellow magic user ousted into the world who's more than happy to show her the way. 
But there's also a dark side to the magical world - covens boasting magical superiority, a shadowy government agency that hunts magic users, and secrets around every corner. It's not an easy world to navigate.
The Golden Magic series is an LGBT, urban fantasy series.

The Lost Magic - Book One

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Released: December 3, 2016

While the magical world as long since retreated into obscurity, the magic users of the world are far from safe. A shadowy government agency is hunting them down, forcing the world to go deeper into hiding.

Alice Tomkins spent most of her life cut off from this hidden world, safe in her own bubble with her mother, until their home was invaded and Alice's mother was forced to send Alice away and sacrifice herself to save her daughter.

Fast forward a year. Alice is living on the streets of San Francisco, struggling to survive, when she meets Riley Nichols, another magic user in a similar situation. They find themselves drawn together after Alice saves Riley from the mysterious men in black. As it turns out, however, the men are the least of their problems. Alice is in the cross hairs of a maniacal magic user, determined to use her and her magic to fight back. In her attempts to get away, Alice and Riley find themselves thrown deeper into the world they've been living on the edges of their entire lives, and quickly learn that nothing is what it seems.


Thoughts of Yesterday - Short Story

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Release Date: June 24, 2017

In the aftermath of her captivity and escape from Daniel, Alice struggles with the guilt of not being able to save everybody in Daniel's coven. Riley, seeing the way the guilt is eating away at Alice, talks to Lily about bringing Alice to meet another person who escaped from Daniel's coven, many years earlier. 


Path of the Broken -Book Two

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