The Great Halloween Rec List

(Originally posted October 29, 2018)

In honor of the upcoming day of horror, I decided to do something a little different: instead of one long review on one podcast, I’m going to do a bunch of short reviews on what are, in my opinion, the best horror producers on the internet. This includes both podcasts (some I’ve already reviewed, some I haven’t yet) and members of the YouTube horror community who are always worth a listen. So buckle up – it’s going to be a ride!

  1. The NoSleep Podcast (Podcast): I can never sing my praises for this one enough. The NoSleep Podcast is a beautiful anthology of creepy stories from the NoSleep reddit and from author submissions, with great voice acting and amazing stories. A must for your Halloween listening pleasures. (Full Review Here)

  2. Top 5 Unknowns (YouTube)Hosted by Ty Knotts, Top 5 Unknowns is a list-based channel, giving short, eerie looks into different topics, such as haunted places, mysterious disappearances, ghost sightings… the episodes are short, but have a punch.

  3. Mr. Nightmare (YouTube): One of my first forays into the YouTube horror community. Mr. Nightmare narrates true stories from the LetsNotMeet Reddit, and while some of them are questionable, others have been confirmed as true by the Reddit mods. Which makes them that much creepier.

  4. Creepy (Podcast): Creepypastas were the gateway drug that dragged me down into the spiral of my horror obsession. Nothing is better than listening to those classic stories.

  5. Cults (Podcast): Nothing is scarier than the power of one human being to manipulate dozens of others to do whatever they want. Cultsis a deep-dive study into the depravity of human beings.

  6. Darkest Night (Podcast): When does science go too far? The Darkest Nights answers that question pretty well. Warning for: Gore, death, cannibalism. (Full Review Here)

  7. Lazy Masquerade (YouTube): Lazy Masquerade tends to veer away from questionable paranormal stories, choosing instead to focus on true stories of the horrible things humans can do. Look forward to easy hours of listening (if listening to stories of human depravity is easy to you).

  8. Marble Hornets (YouTube): Who doesn’t love Slenderman? Marble Hornets is the story of three young men who find themselves being stalked by the mysterious entity – and something even more horrifying.

  9. Corpse Husband (YouTube): Corpse Husband tells a mixture of terrifying human and terrifying paranormal entity stories. Sure to leave you with chills for hours after. Do not recommend listening to home break in stories when you’re home alone.

  10. Alice Isn’t Dead (Podcast): From the creators of Welcome to Night Vale, follow a young woman on her journey to find her wife (presumed dead), and the many odd things she encounters along the way.

  11. We’re Alive (Podcast): It’s not Halloween if you don’t have zombies. We’re Alive is the story of a group of survivors trying to live in the middle of a zombie apocalypse – and discovering that zombies aren’t necessarily the worst thing there is to fear in this world. (Full Review Here)

  12. Top5s (YouTube): Another countdown list, Top5s niche is almost exclusively in the supernatural/paranormal – top 5 haunted amusement parks, top 5 UFO sightings, etc. They’re a quick, fun listen that will keep you listening for hours.

  13. Archive 81 (Podcast): New jobs are always scary. New jobs in the middle of nowhere with no human contact and an increasingly frightening mystery that happened over twenty years ago? That’s just terrifying. (Full Review Here)

  14. The White Vault (Podcast): A repair team goes out to quite literally the middle of nowhere, and no one is safe from the mysteries lying below the ice.

  15. Be.Busta (YouTube): Another LetsNotMeet narrator, Be.Busta is one of the known the names in the YouTube horror community, and with good reason. With several years of continuous uploads under his belt, you won’t run out of things to listen to any time soon. He also has a horror story podcast, Be.Scared, that is well worth the listen.

  16. The Black Tapes (Podcast)Paranormal meets stubborn science in this story that will keep you guessing until the very last second. Don’t get too comfortable – nothing is as it seems. (Full Review Here)

  17. Top15s (YouTube): I have a thing for countdown lists, can’t you tell? This channel also provides an excellent mix of true scary stories, paranormal encounters, and all things unexplained. The narrator, Chills, also has his own channel for even more content if you can’t get your fix.

  18. Lore (Podcast): No list is complete without Lore, the true historical stories of humans at their lowest point, and just what they’re capable of when pushed to the limit. It’s not pretty. (Full Review Here)

  19. The Simply Scary Podcast (Podcast): There aren’t enough scary story podcasts around, but there are plenty of people trying to fill the void. TSSP features original scary content from authors new and old, and great voice actors who bring the stories to life.

  20. Small Town Horrors (Podcast): A young man goes home to deal with the death of his father and all the legal work that comes with it – and comes to remember why he left his creepy hometown in the first place.

This is, of course, only a very slim selection of pickings from both the podcast and YouTube horror communities. What are some of your favorite podcasts or YouTube horror channels? Comment below and let us know!