Review: Anything Ghost

Genre: Anthology, true stories
Possible Triggers: Mentions of death
Safe For Work: Yes
Content: PG

Anything Ghost is a place where people share their ghost stories.

A simple introduction for a simple show with a simple premise. Anything Ghost, hosted by Lex Wahl, was a one-of-kind podcast upon its release in 2006, and has kept up a steady, loyal audience for over twelve years. For the time, it was something quite different - a podcast that took stories from people based on true events, and read them for the audience. That’s it. No special effects, save for a little music for effect, no long monologues or lead-ins; you just jump straight into the story.

The stories range from can believable to this is absolutely fake, even for a hardcore believer in the supernatural. One thing that is certainly believable is that the stories were not written by professional, or even amateur writers. The stories are a bit stilted, which can shake a listener out of the zone. A good horror story is supposed to draw you in and keep you on the edge of your seat.

The stories submitted to Anything Ghost can give you that edge-of-the-seat horror, but there are some stories that just make you wonder if the show just takes every submission it gets. One particularly memorable story is the story of a man whose mother commented on a Facebook post of his months after she had passed away. I think I read a creepypasta with a similar premise. No disrespect to the person who sent the story in, but even as a die-hard believer, I find that one to be a bit of a stretch.

The show has a long history, with most of it hidden behind a paywall, meaning I can’t compare the latest episodes to the earlier ones, or compare quality of content to see if it’s gotten better, but with time comes experience and learning. Compared to many other shows in the same vein, however, Wahl has kept things very simple. He introduces each story with a quick brief, and then goes right into the story, telling several in one episode.

The number of stories in an episode can be a little a disorienting - I found myself tuning in during a standard haunted house story, tuning out by accident, and then coming back to a story about a woman being devoured by flies. It’s not a show you can casually follow along with; if you lose track for a moment, you’re lost until you hear the next story being introduced. Anything Ghost absolutely requires your full attention to get the full experience of the show. So while it is safe for work in the sense that there’s nothing horribly inappropriate, it’s probably not the best idea to listen to it, lest you miss a transition and fall into a completely different story.

Wahl’s voice is oddly hypnotizing, which makes it easy to zone out if you’re working on something else. His dedication to the show and being the only full-time narrator is admirable, although the apparent unwillingness to grow with the community can be a hindrance. While other shows continue to make leaps and bounds and set new standards for horror podcasting, Wahl remains happily in his corner, and can be commended for putting out regular episodes for twelve years - a long time to do all that work on your own.

LGBTQIA Friendly?: N/A
Pay to Listen?: You can get the latest ten episodes for free, but have to pay to access the archive.
Length: 1 hr.

Overall: Anything Ghost was a big step in the fledgling horror podcast community, and while their format still stands strong today, the standards are higher now. Loyal listeners will always be there to boost the podcast up, though. Someday it may succumb to the bigger, fancier podcasts with the effects and writing and multiple narrators, but for now, it’s still going, and that’s admirable in a time when people are always looking for better and more.

Rating: 3.5/5