The Author

Samantha "S.L." Rawson (better known as Sam in her day to day life) hails from Massachusetts, where she was born and raised. Hers is the typical story of a girl raised by a single mother with a good family. She became interested in writing when she was nine, and was writing fanfiction before she knew what "fanfiction" actually was. She's been telling stories her whole life, whether through writing or making up huge imaginary worlds to play with her friends, making reality often subjective.

Sam is a loud and outspoken queer woman - a biromantic asexual, to be exact. Ask her about asexuality some time, it's one of her favorite subjects. She's engaged to a lovely woman, Shai, who's taken up the totally unpaid job of encouraging her wayward fiancee to get her writing done (and she's very good at that). 

The Lost Magic was Sam's first success at writing a first full-length original novel - it doesn't escape her notice that all her other failures were centered around straight couples. She finally found her niche writing LGBTQIA+, and will happily be exploring more subjects and characters with time (her brain is always working).

She's currently living in Austin, Texas, far away from everyone she loves, with her cat, Stevie. Buy a book. Feed her cat.

The Cat

Stevie is a gray blue tabby cat. She lived the first five years of her life with an unnamed woman who had her front paws declawed (ask her human about it some time, she has a lot to say), and was sent to a shelter after her first owner passed away. She spent two months in the shelter, living the queenly life as much as she could, and was adopted by Sam on October 25, 2014.

From there, she proceeded to become the queen of the apartment she and the human share. Now eight years old, she spends her days sleeping and her nights eating and demanding attention from the human who clearly needs to get on her nocturnal schedule. She has a love-hate relationship with cat nip, and has claimed her human's Doctor Who blanket has her own bed. She has two cat trees and insists on sleeping boxes.  She has her very own Instagram at Stevie's Kingdom, and demands that everyone love her and fawn over how beautiful she is.

Because she knows she's beautiful.